How to say thank you

At the end, bring the project to a formal end, as opposed to letting the relationship wither, so that your volunteer can get a sense of accomplishment.  This is your chance to quantify your appreciation;  to “pay” your volunteer in ways other than money.   If you are asked to be a reference for this marketer, this form will ensure that you and your marketer have the same message.

If you wish, you can add personal comments describing their personality characteristics that you found most helpful.  Also, consider mentioning orally areas that the consultant needs to develop; this honesty is particularly helpful for recent marketing graduates who are building a career.

 *****              *****              *****           *****               *****             ******

          Project Close Form

Time frame:
Actual hours worked (per year/per month/total):
Honorarium:  $xxx
Project scope included (for additional topics see Menu of Projects)

  • defined our brand (clarified our message, found niche))
  • helped create reports, analyzed results and set future marketing strategies from our Revenue Efficiency Report and Donor Churn report
  • guided staff on all aspects of marketing management
  • was a sounding board for new ideas
  • let staff know of any new developments in marketing that could impact us (our eyes and ears in your industry)
  • was available for staff on an as-needed basis to get your feedback.

How success was measured:

  • saved costs of $xxxx/year
  • increased revenue of $xxxx/year
  • improved CRA fundraising ratio from xx% to xx%
  • defined our brand
  • set marketing strategy for next 3 years
  • re-allocated marketing budget to fit new strategy

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