Skill set needed


What makes a great marketing volunteer?

  • the ability to think clearly  (eg identifying key messages, niche)
  • the ability to write succinctly  (eg removing clutter from website)
  • seeing your client with fresh eyes (i.e. always viewing a non-profit like an outsider)
  • overcome fear of content (i.e. some marketers are more comfortable focusing on the visuals of a brochure rather the text)

Skill set needed:

1. Education:   BComm or MBA with specialization in marketing

  • art of marketing – marketing courses teach marketing theories, the lingo, the processes, how to think like a customer, how to declutter and clarify a message.
  • science of marketing – accounting, finance and statistics courses teach how to analyze marketing efficiencies.
  • consulting – case studies teach how to analyze a situation quickly and how functions inter-relate.

2. Work experience:  3yrs+

  • Work experience teaches practical applications (e.g. touch points), how to manage a project, how marketing departments are structured

3. Other skills:

  • ability to write copy clearly and succinctly
  • willingness to learn how to create brochures/ads in PowerPoint
  • willingness to learn how to create a website in WordPress

Rebranding requires a small amount of knowledge from different fields. Volunteers need to be willing to learn an introductory amount but do NOT need full experience as a graphic artist nor as a writer. All deliverables are in PowerPoint/Word/Wordpress so that clients can update items themselves.

Skill set needed by medium and large nonprofits

Most small nonprofits need help in the “art” side of marketing, as in the diagram above.  Conversely, medium and large nonprofits need more volunteer help on the “science” and the “people” sides of marketing.  Typically medium and larger nonprofits have already figured out their messaging (or they are able to pay for a webmaster, copywriter and graphic artist) but they need help to work smarter.