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Where to circulate this volunteer job description:images-18

  • a local college which teaches writing, perhaps in the Continuing Education Department
  • a local university which teaches journalism
  • search nearby for the head office of a local company large enough to have a marketing department.
    • ask them to donate the time of one of their writers or
    • circulate the description internally to find a writer who would volunteer on their own time.
    • approach a local ad agency and ask to be taken on as a pro bono client to help them build their portfolio
    • ask your Board of Directors, friends and family members to circulate the description to their connections (specify connections who work in the head office of local companies large enough to have a marketing department)
    • LinkedIn,  Facebook, your own website
    • job posting lists, Craigslist, volunteer posting lists.

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Volunteer Job Description

We are a non-profit organization which needs professionally written copy to use in our promotional material.

We need you to:

  • write copy for our website, brochures and ads.
  • write copy for letters to donors  (templates for 2 different letters)
  • interview selected participants and write their stories (eg clients, volunteers, donors, Board members).  Each story is approximately 200 words.

Project Details:

  • Timing is negotiable.  Approximately 10 hours, over the next 3 months.
  • Initial outline for website/brochures/ad/letters will be provided, including the key points to communicate
  • contact information for stories will be provided.
  • writing to be done at your home at your convenience, on a Word document
  • expect a first draft (followed by our comments) and a final draft
  • approximately 1 introductory meeting will be required on weeknights/weekdays/weekends at our site.
  • Your contact will be (name of staff person).  For a bio, see link to our website.

What’s in it for you:

  • meet new people outside your regular network
  • give back to the community (…  describe the cause of your non profit)
  • honorarium  $300

Recent graduates:

  • learn copywriting for the non-profit industry
  • learn how to be a consultant – feedback to you on your client management skills
  • great addition to your portfolio
  • your link on our website to increase traffic from search engines to your website
  • reference for your future job
About us:
  • put the Unique Selling Proposition of your non profit here.
  • here is a link to our website.
  • the culture of our non-profit is (describe)


  • See Orientation Tips to prepare you for the non-profit sector.
  • See Brand Checklist which summarizes our brand.
  • The editorial calendar for the content of the enewsletter, printed newsletter, etc.
  • demographics of clients who use our service
  • demographics of our donors who will be reading your writing
  • tone of our brand: established, contemporary, traditional, business, youthful, ethnic, loud, quiet, bold, youthful, etc
  • here are links to other websites which offer a service similar to ours, as a comparison.

Suggested Reading:

To understand the 6 different types of donors and which apply to our non profit, see donor segments.
To understand the 3 key points most donors want to hear, see what donors want to hear.
For tips on what to include in donor letters and stories,  “The Nonprofit Marketing Guide” by Kivi Leroux Miller, available in libraries.
For tips on donor letters, “How to write successful fundraising letters” by Mal Warwick, available in libraries.

Contact us:

Submission deadline: