Graphic Designer Volunteer

Circulate this volunteer job description to:images-19

  • a local college which teaches graphic design.  After it is posted on the official college job site,
    • you may wish to forward a copy to teachers within the Graphic Design department to create awareness of the opportunity.
    • target 1st and 2nd year students as they have more free time than 3rd year students
    • post in September and January which is the beginning of each term
    • target recent graduates who are looking to build their portfolio
  • high schools which offer a multidisciplinary arts and design program (eg in Toronto, Northview Heights Secondary School, Marshall McLuhan Catholic School)
  • search nearby for the head office of a company, large enough to have a marketing department.
    • ask them to donate the time of one of their graphic designers or
    • circulate the description internally to find a graphic designer who would volunteer on their own time.
  • approach a local ad agency and ask to be taken on as a pro bono client to help them build their portfolio
  • ask your Board of Directors, friends and family members to circulate the description to their connections (specify connections who work in the head office of local companies large enough to have a marketing department)
  • LinkedIn,  Facebook, your own website
  • job posting lists, Craigslist, volunteer posting lists.
  • (note: an established graphic artist might charge between $1,500 and $4,000 for this project.  If you do not find any students at $300, increase the honorarium)

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Volunteer Job Description
Graphic Designer

We are a non-profit organization looking for a graphic designer to design the “overall” look for use in all our promotional material.

We need you to:
Create a design that is flexible to use in multiple media.  The design needs to fit the following parameters:

  • appeal to a target audience of ______ (demographics)
  • established/contemporary/traditional/business/youthful/ethnic/loud/quiet/bold/youthful etc
  • organizational colours of _________
Create final artwork for:
  • brochure – 8.5″x11″, z fold, both sides photo and text.  2 versions (English and French).  The brochures will reside as a pdf on their website and in artwork form to be copied in small runs as needed.
  • premade ads – 1/2 page colour (7.5″h x10.5″w) and 1/4 page black and white (7.5″h x 5.25″w)
  • logo – adapt existing logo to fit new look
  • letterhead
  • business cards
  • website – give suggestions to the web designer to fit “overall look”.  We are looking for suggestions on the main page.  The web designer can then create other pages to fit the same template.

Project Details:

  • Approximately 10 hours, over the next 1 month.
  • Timing for each step is negotiable.
  • design meeting – you create 2 sample layouts of the brochure and explain orally how the designs will adapt to other items.  We approve and send all text (in Word document) and photos.
  • creative work – you incorporate all text and photos as agreed.  Several drafts may be required for approval.
  • final hand over – email and deliver artwork.  Obtain feedback on your client management skills.

What’s in it for you:

  • honorarium $300
  • meet new people outside your regular network
  • give back to the community (…  describe the cause of your non profit)
       Recent graduates:
  • learn graphic design for the non-profit industry
  • learn how to be a consultant – feedback to you on your client management skills
  • great addition to your portfolio
  • a link to your website on our website (to increase traffic from search engines to your website)
  • reference for your future job and a testimonial for your website.
About Us:
Contact us:
Submission deadline:  Please include a resume and link to your online portfolio.