Donor Database Analyst Volunteer

Where to circulate this volunteer job description:images-11

Smaller non profits:

  • Search for a marketing generalist who works in an industry or company with a substantial database (eg the head office of a bank, insurance company, airline, retailer).  A generalist will have absorbed enough during their day job to be able to advise you.

Larger non-profits:

  • LinkedIn groups and bulletin boards
    • Stats and Analytics Consulting Group
    • Lavastorm Analytics Community Group
    • SAS Jobs Network
  • Colleges and universities that offer programs on analytics (eg George Brown, Ryerson, Queens)
  • the head office of a local company that is large enough to have a substantial database (e.g. head office of retailers such as Shoppers, Sobeys, Longos, the head office of banks, insurance companies, Aerogold, Air Miles)
      • ask them to donate the time of one of their database managers or
      • circulate the description internally to find a database manager who would volunteer on their own time.

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Volunteer Job Description

Donor Database Analyst

We are a non-profit organizations which needs help to “mine” information from our donor database.  We are a (describe your cause and organization).

We need you to help us:

  • profile our donors and rank by profitability
  • predictive modelling
    • what types of new, potential donors should we actively pursue
    • generate leads on existing donors that we could personally solicit into a major giver
    • identify existing annual donors we could upsell to monthly
    • identify existing donors most likely to agree to planned giving
    • which existing donors are at highest risk of leaving
    • how to overlay external information (market value of house by postal code, etc)
  • suggest ways to improve our data integrity
  • explore any donor anomalies
  • identify donor segments by behaviour indicators on our donor database.
  • suggest ways to divide our database so we could experiment with different marketing programs and track the results.
Project details:
  • Timing for each step is negotiable.  Approximately 10 hours, over the next 3 months.
  • approximately 3 meetings on site, other communication by email and phone
  • you work as a team member with our staff, to give suggestions and help us think things through.  Only staff will access the database.
  • Your contact will be (name of staff person).  For a bio, see link to our website.
  • you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement.
What’s in it for you:
  • measure the difference you can make – results from your suggestions can be quantified for your resume (eg increased revenue by xx%, saved costs by xx%)
  • meet new people outside your regular network
  • give back to the community (…  describe the cause of your non profit)
  • honorarium   $300

For recent graduates:

  • learn data management for the non-profit industry
  • learn how to be a consultant – feedback to you on your client management skills
  • great addition to your portfolio
  • your link on our website to increase traffic from search engines to your website
  • we can be a reference for future jobs

About us:

Orientation package:  See Orientation Tips to prepare you for the non profit sector.
Contact us:
Submission deadline: