Slide118 Questions nonprofit boards should ask about marketing and fundraising. What are the questions you need to ask to be an effective Board member?  How do you make sure you get the answers you need to make good decisions?MAS18Questions



Slide1How nonprofits can recruit and manage Skilled Volunteers.   A skilled volunteer is a professional who helps management with specific expertise. Access skills, pro bono, from professionals in your neighbourhood.MASProfVolPart1



Slide1Orientation for Skilled Volunteers.   Any time a professional starts to volunteer, they have to learn the nonprofit industry on their own. This booklet contains the stats and the “soft stuff” so that they can give back faster.Recovered File 1Profvolpart 2



Slide1Fundraising Bootcamp for EDs of small nonprofits. This is the minimum an ED needs to know to get started in fundraising.  EDs of small nonprofits need to identify key donor segments, pick one fundraising activity and do it well.FundraisingBootCampBooklet



Slide1Marketing Bootcamp for EDs of small nonprofits.  This is the minimum an ED needs to know to get started in marketing. This booklet will help you nonprofit look professional so you can attract donors and volunteers.  MarketingBootcamp


Slide1Problems with marketing projects are not caused by marketing.  Although on the surface the symptoms appear as marketing, many underlying problems are caused by governance.



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