MAS – Management Advisory Services

Toronto, Canada

About MAS

Management Advisory Services is a consulting service that gives pro bono advice to Toronto non-profits.  Since 1993, we’ve helped with governance, strategy, HR, marketing and fundraising.  Our 40+ Volunteer Consultants are professionals who give back using the skills we learned in our careers.  MAS is a charity funded by donations from satisfied clients.

  • we specialize in non-profits.  That is all we do. Our processes fit your needs. We don’t take processes for for-profits and map them over you.
  • we accept all nonprofits, even if they do not have the means to reimburse us.  About 15% of our clients are start-ups.
  • we know how to do things inexpensively.  Small nonprofits have minimal funding and minimal time.  We help our clients focus on the important stuff, and ignore the “nice to haves”.
  • we teach.  Our clients are experts in their cause, but many do not have experience in staff functions. We teach good governance practices. We teach how to fundraise.  We teach so that nonprofits can continue on their own.  We build capacity.

About Me

I worked in financial services marketing for years and then went on maternity leave….for 14 years! Like a lot of parents returning to the workforce, I struggled with finding something that would interest me and give me work/life balance.

As I was figuring out what I wanted to do, I did some pro bono work with local non profits, giving them strategic marketing advice. I loved it. Now I volunteer full-time with MAS.

I like working with MAS because it has all the benefits of management consulting (variety of clients, strategic work, work from home, pick my own hours) and it does not have the one big disadvantage of management consulting – the “consulting song and dance”.  Because I am not paid in money, I have the freedom to be completely honest with clients.

Why did I make this website?

No for-profit consultant in their right mind would create a website like this.  They want to be paid for their “family jewels”.  But I am paid in ways other than money, so I am free to share what I have learned.  This website contains what my clients have taught me.   The purpose of this website is

  • to answer questions that clients have asked me (in case other clients have the same questions)
  • to help my clients communicate with their colleagues what work will be done
  • a foundation to support my outreach activities.  My goal is to build marketing capacity in the nonprofit industry.

cropped-gedc01382.jpgLelia MacDonald B. Comm, MBA
MAS Volunteer Consultant and Marketing Practice Leader