Board of Directors:

Your role is not to “do marketing” but to ask the right marketing questions.  Similarly, your role is not to fundraise, but create an environment where fundraisers thrive.

Is your Board following the Best Practices for marketing?
Do you have the right combination of marketing generalists and specialists?
Have you done enough to protect your brand?
What is the difference between marketing vs fundraising vs communications?
Do you want to improve your CRA Fundraising ratio?
Do you know how often your donor portfolio churns?
Do you have enough prospective donors in the “pipeline”?
Does the Board spend more time talking about cost containment, less about revenue generation?

Senior Management Team:

Do you want to improve your marketing, but you are not sure where to start?
Do you need a way to display marketing results in a way that persuades your Board?
Do you divide your marketing activities between acquiring donors vs retaining donors?
Have you recently reviewed all your Touch Points, to see yourself as others see you?
Do you want to recruit marketing volunteers?
Do you want to manage your marketing volunteers better?

Marketing Volunteers:

How is nonprofit marketing different from for-profit?
How is marketing different 
between large and small nonprofits?
What is a typical marketing project that a volunteer could do?
Here is a complete menu of marketing projects and your time commitment.
What are the typical donor touch points? What donor research is available? How are donors segmented?
Here are templates of 3 management accounting reports that you can customize to help your nonprofit’s marketing become more efficient.