Touch points – mass donors

Review each touch point to ensure your image is consistent and to search for opportunities to make a deeper connection.

A touch point is any contact made with an existing or potential donor, whether it results in a donation or not.  Most touch points for mass marketing are automated so there may be a tendency to give these touch points a lower priority.  But they are a cost effective way to experiment with different ideas.

Map the journey donors take with you:

  • What are the touch points?
  • Is our image consistent?
  • Are there additional touch points? For example, donor letters for acquisition, welcome package, special appeal, year end appeal, monthly giving program, major giver, upgrade appeal, renewal, thank you, legacy promotion, mailing of tax receipt, emailing of tax receipt.
  • Can we reduce the number of newsletters, mailings, etc?
  • Which activity is best for telemarketing vs direct mail vs email?
  • How closely are the telemarketing scripts being followed?
  • Is the conversion rate from an in-kind donor into a money donor different in some geographic area (or with a demographic segment)? Should we target certain in-kind donors with the highest likelihood of conversion as opposed to mass acquisition?
  • Which messages and which price points have the most impact?
  • What is the optimal number of solicitations before donor fatigue starts?
  • What is the point at which you earn the right to ask for a donation?
  • Are our efforts in social media having any impact?  Are we reviewing and learning from the analytics?


Experiment with various approaches and use this report to track results.

Experiments can be undertaken over time (eg spring vs summer) or over a geographic location (west side vs east side).   Make sure your staff focus on the logistics, to avoid overlapping experiments and to isolate each result.  The effect of each Touch Point is cumulative and it may be hard to tie a donation to a specific marketing activity. However, over time you should see improvement in the size of the new and renewed donors and donations. This will eventually been shown in the Donor Churn report.  If you do not see growth, either you need to find more touch points or you need to review the quality of the existing touch points (Do the cover letters need rewriting? Is the newsletter interesting?  Are the telemarketing scripts being followed? etc).