Tracking reports – touch points

Create a monthly tracking report for donor touch points:

This report tracks how thorough and successful each touch point is.    Consider making separate reports for corporations, foundations and major givers. This report will help you:

  • predict your lull months and busy months
  • be a “canary in the mine shaft” to predict your year end results
  • be corporate memory in case of staff turnover
  • quantify the “pipeline”
  • learn from declines.

Points for Discussion

  • Are the touch points being followed up as forecasted?
  • Is the workload for staff evenly spread throughout the year?
  • Are there lull months where new touch point ideas can be implemented?
  • Are there any weak links in the sales process?  Are the pitch kits doing their job of getting us on the “short list”?  Is our followup communication doing its job of obtaining the donation?

Link to the tutorial to see how to interpret the results from a case study.