Touch points – foundations, corporations, major donors

In the yearly cycle of maintaining a donor, there are various points when you “touch” a donor. A touch point is any contact made with an existing or potential donor, whether it results in a donation or not.

Why? See your organization how others see you.  Maybe you are missing opportunities.  Maybe you could improve how you portray yourself.

Map the journey donors take with you:

  • What are the current touch points?
  • Is our image consistent?
  • Are there other opportunities to make a deeper connection?
  • Are there differences between donor types?

Some of these touch points are handled person to person.  Some of these touch points are packages that can be mailed out.  Here is a sample of ideas for some touch points and the “kits”.

Don’t preprint the kits.  Instead, consider “cutting and pasting” from your existing website onto single sheets that you print out and staple together.   As long as you keep your website up to date, you will always have fresh information.   This will give you flexibility to customize the size of each kit; some smaller corporations may only want an ask letter and a brochure.