Donors – How to segment

In addition to segmenting your donors by their demographics (eg gender, postal code),  consider segmenting donors by their behaviour.  An excellent quantitative survey found that donors break out into six behaviour segments.

Segment                    How donors describe themselves

Repayer 23%            I give to my alma mater.  I support organizations that 
                       have had an impact on me or a loved one.
Casual Giver 18%       I primarily give to well known non profits through a 
                       payroll deduction at work. 
                       I donated so I could host a table at an event.
High Impact 16%        I give to the non profits that are generating the greatest 
                       social good. 
                       I support causes that seem overlooked by others.
Faith Based 16%        We give to our church. We only give to organizations that 
                       fit our religious beliefs.
See the Difference 14% Its important to support local charities. I only give to 
                       small organizations where I feel I can make a difference.
Personal Ties 13%      I only give when I am familiar with the people who run an 
                       A lot of my giving is in response to friends who ask me.

So how does these results impact your non profit? Here are some activities to consider:

  • Determine what segments are best for your organization, given your strengths.
  • Figure out how to describe what you do in a way that appeals to the chosen segments.
  • Include this information on the Brand Checklist to remind yourself to include it in every communication piece.

For further details, see page 22 of the full report which is called “Money For Good” by Hope Consulting.