Quantify sponsor’s exposure

What is in it for your sponsors?

Show how sponsorship will accomplish their business objectives as well as help you accomplish your mission.

images-46When submitting a proposal to a corporation for sponsorship, quantify the value the corporation will receive from the exposure you can offer.  There are 2 guiding principles:  quantity and quality.

1.  Quantity or Size of exposure:

Divide the requested amount by the impressions to give a $ per hit rate or per day rate.

  • number of impressions/year?
  • include their logo in your printed literature? Link from your website to their website? Will you include their literature in mailings to your donor database?
  • attendance at the event?
  • foot traffic/year?
  • number of days a truck is on the road (with logos on outside)?

2.  Quality of exposure:

  • size and placement of logo
  • corporate logo is standalone or combined with other sponsors?
  • will the sponsor have exclusivity within their industry (ie the only bank sponsor)?
  • are viewers also the target client of your sponsor?
  • will logo be viewed by other sponsors?

3.  How do you compare?

Get into the mindset of the corporate donor.

  • Review the exposure the corporation got from previous sponsorships with other non-profits.
  • Compare their exposure from sponsoring you with their exposure from their regular promotional efforts (e.g. placing ads in the newspaper, logos on their own trucks, etc)
  • Mention the non-quantifiable benefits (e.g. improvement to their brand by connecting with you, employee morale, etc)

For more information, see Non Profit Management 101 by Darian Rodriquez Heyman  page 373-388