Annual Reports

Good marketing decisions are based on good marketing data.  If you don’t track it, you cannot manage it.  What are the metrics you can use to measure success?

Annual reports for the Board of Directors:images

If your board has ever asked you “which marketing activities give us the best return?”, these one-page reports will point you to the answer.

  • ways to improve your CRA Fundraising Ratio in the Revenue Efficiency report
  • whether you are better at attracting new donors or keeping existing donors in the Donor Churn report
  • which marketing activities are working and which aren’t from the Marketing Effectiveness report

Reports for the Senior Management Team:

It is very tempting to chase after the latest, shiny, new marketing idea.  But how do you pick your priorities for the next year?  How do you track the effectiveness of the activities your staff are doing now?  Fill in these charts and they will guide you.

1. the success rates of each Touch Point for mass donors
2.  the success rate of each Touch Point for foundations, corporations and major donors
3.  the rankings of all your marketing ideas on the Leader board