Typical employee work-year

A typical Marketing Manager job follows an annual cycle.

Annual review:images-36

Prior to the deadline for next year’s budgets, there needs to be an annual review to learn from last year and plan for next year.  This including reviewing the touch points and prioritizing the items that need to be produced.  This can take one month of quiet, strategic thinking and obtaining feedback from colleagues.    Once approved, the Marketing Manager starts project managing the high priority items.

Annual promotion campaign:

This can take 3-6 months to prepare all items.  As the project manager, the marketing manager liaises with suppliers to make and deliver the items to the deadlines.  During the campaign, the Marketing manager has to track results and adjust accordingly.  At the end, she writes a post-analysis reports including learnings to next time.


As a middle manager, a Marketing Manager is high enough in the organization to contribute to strategic Board discussions;  and low enough that she is still willing to “roll up her sleeves” to get the job done (e.g. stuff envelopes)


This position is non-commissioned but can have a bonus tied to deliverables e.g. a campaign sales target, project managing # new product launches/year, creating # new promotional items.