Typical employee career path

Assistant Marketing Manager:Slide1

After graduating with a BComm or MBA, an Assistant Marketing Manager does the more implementation parts of projects.  Reporting to a Senior Marketing Manager, this on-the-job training lasts for about 1-3 years.

Junior Marketing Manager:

Assigned to a small product with a small impact on bottom line, this level allows the marketer to learn end-to-end responsibility for marketing and show that they are worthy of a promotion, after 1-3 years.

Senior Marketing Manager:

Assigned to a high-profile product, this level can interact comfortably in strategic discussions with the VP.  Managers develop their people management skills with 1-2 direct reports.   Managers typically last 5 years and sometimes for the rest of their career by lateral transfers to other products and other industries.


Managing several Marketing Managers, Directors stay for 5 years to the rest of their careers.  About 70% of a job is typically “marketing” with the remaining time focused on budgeting, staffing issues and liaising with other departments.

Vice President:

Responsible for all aspects of the entire product line and company image, a VP may spend about 50% of their time on marketing issues with the remaining time focused on staffing issues, Board management and issues external to the company.