Marketing Manager job description – employee

Larger non-profits may need full time marketing staff.  Here is a job description for a paid position.Users-Group-icon

A Marketing Manager is also known in the industry as a Product Manager and a Brand Manager.  The job would be part analytical, part creative and part project management.  Everything in this website is the analytical and creative parts of the job.  However, the majority of time is spent managing various projects.  For example, once a new idea is approved by the Board, it would be the Marketing Manager that would take the lead to develop and implement the idea.

You have several options:

1.  Senior external hire

These candidates can “hit the ground running”.  They won’t need much orientation. But they will be expensive.  There are ways of positioning this job attractively to encourage candidates to accept a pay cut, eg. make your mark in a newly created position, help instill a marketing culture, reporting to the VP, etc.

2.  Junior external hire

Probably a recent graduate from an undergraduate business program eg. B Comm.  Then you will need to teach them how to manage projects (which you don’t learn in business school).

3.  Internal promotion

If you transfer an existing employee with good project management skills, the candidate may need to learn the analytical side by auditing some university level marketing courses.  Auditing means that you have to attend classes and do the homework, but no marks or transcript is given.  Fees may or may not be charged.

4.  Hire part time

Specify a maximum number of hours per week.

5.  Share with other non-profits nearby.

Here is a sample job description you can circulate on LinkedIn, job websites and at the local university.

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Marketing Manager – Senior
Job Description

Reporting to a VP,

  • fulfill main marketing role and help spread a marketing culture within the non profit
  • analyze revenue efficiency and the churn of the donor portfolio
  • ensure all external communication pieces contain a consistent brand image
  • new revenue-generating ideas: create and implement programs, analyze cost/benefits
  • identify and drive donor research needs (shadow fundraisers to get ideas for new promotional items for donors, meet with clients to understand obstacles in the industry)
  • predictive modelling to identify ideal targets
  • liaize with external suppliers (ad agencies, production houses, etc)
  • review of similar non-profits (compare similar offerings to clients, any gaps unfulfilled in market)
  • add in the responsibilities for the Junior position, see below

Experience required:

  • product management experience in the for-profit sector
  • project management skills
  • university business degree, specializing in marketing
  • experience with all forms of media and publicity
  • operate independently, no direct reports, partial admin support
  • ability to find inexpensive solutions to problems

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Marketing Manager – Junior
Job Description

Reporting to a VP,

  • write and obtain consensus on the annual marketing activities
  • track success measures (website analytics, social media ROI)
  • track effectiveness of each touch point
  • implement programs

Experience required:

  • university business degree, specializing in marketing
  • operate independently, no direct reports, partial admin support