Generalist Volunteer

Where to circulate this volunteer job description:

Local companies:

  • search nearby for the head office of a corporation large enough to have a marketing department.   Ask if the corporation would (1) donate the time of one of their marketing staff or (2) circulate the description internally to find a marketing employee who would volunteer on their own time.Users-Group-icon
  • approach a local consulting firm and ask to be taken on as a pro bono client to help them build their portfolio
  • Toronto has 2 consulting charities whose entire mandate is to give free consulting.
    • MAS volunteer consultants work one-to-one on projects covering governance, HR, fundraising, marketing, etc. It has 40+ consultants who are semi-retired professionals.   See
    • Endeavour has a team of recent business school graduates who volunteer on large group projects.   See


  • ask friends and family members to forward the description to their associates with a business degree (BComm, MBA, or equivalent).
  • ask your Board of Directors to circulate the description to their connections
  • LinkedIn,  Facebook, your own website
  • on-line volunteer posting lists with Charity Village and Volunteer Toronto.

Universities with business schools teaching B. Comm or MBA students:

  • circulate through the alumni network of a local university.
  • most universities offer a “business advisory program” which employs business students to act as consultants to local companies as summer jobs.  Expect to pay a small fee.
  • Contact the Academic Advisor of the Commerce Department of a local university to offer your non-profit as a subject for a “case study” in their Introductory Marketing course
  • contact a professor in the Commerce Department of a local university to ask for contacts from their own networks (either recent graduates or local companies)
  • Contact the “career placement officer” of the Commerce Department and ask for names of local corporations who have recruited recent marketing graduates.  Follow up with those companies.
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Volunteer Opportunity – Marketing Mentor

We are a non-profit organization which needs a marketing executive with expertise in brand management to mentor us and help us plan our marketing strategy, as a volunteer consultant.

We need you to:

  • help us define our brand (promotion audit, clarify our message, summarize our brand into a checklist)
  • help us analyze the efficiency of our revenue streams and the churn of our donor portfolio
  • be available to answer questions
  • (see Menu of Projects for other ideas)

Project details:

  • approx 3 hours/month, from now till December 201x
  • timing can be when its convenient for you — no scheduled meetings
  • most communication by meeting, telephone and email
  • initial orientation session
  • must sign a confidentiality agreement and a volunteer contract.
  • Your primary contact will be (name of staff person).   Other contacts include (names).  For biographies, see link to our website.

What’s in it for you?

  • contribute on a strategic level only — no implementation
  • measure the difference you can make – results from your suggestions can be quantified for your resume (eg increased revenue by xx%, saved costs by xx%)
  • meet new people outside your regular network
  • give back to the community (…  describe the cause of your non profit)
  • honorarium  $500
       Recent graduates:
  • learn marketing in a new industry
  • learn how to be a consultant
  • we can be a reference
What we are looking for:
  • senior marketing manager or director level
  • proven ability to inspire and challenge junior staff
  • product management experience in the for-profit sector
  • ability to find inexpensive solutions to problems
  • copywriting and editing skills when reviewing our website and videos
  • some exposure to managing a sales force is an asset (similar to our fundraising needs)
About us:
Orientation package:
  • Orientation Tips to prepare you for the non profit sector.
  • Link to Menu of Projects that are relevant to the project scope.
  • Links to other non-profit websites which offer a service similar to ours, as a comparison.
Contact info:
Submission deadline: