Websites for education + advocacy nonprofits

If your mission includes education or advocacy, how do you treat your website?

Do you treat your website like a promotional vehicle whose sole job is to create awareness?  Or do you treat your website as another way you fulfill your mission?images-11

Here is an example.  A non-profit’s mandate was to help a certain demographic transition into new life circumstances.  They used to think that there was only 1 way to fulfill their mission, via a telephone call centre.    They had a website but they treated it as a promotional vehicle whose only objective was to get callers to phone the call centre.  They measured their success by telephone calls, not visits to their website.  But there were problems. Some people couldn’t call during business hours.  Some people just don’t like calling on the telephone.  Why is it that peoples preferences for getting information and education are changing?  See Interaction Preferences.

Now this non-profit has recreated their website to be so content-rich that the website replicates the same quality and quantity of information that is available from the call centre.  This non-profit now has 2 ways to fulfill their mission and tracks success in both ways.