Brochure – how to

Before you start making a brochure, finish the website.  Why?  To be consistent, you will need to “cut and paste” both text and design elements from the website into the brochure.images-7

If you wish to hire specialists:

  • Find a writer to write the text and create a mockup:  $400
  • Find a graphic artist to create the design and layout the text: $400-$600

If you wish to make your own in PowerPoint:

1. Draw a mockup of the brochure.
Brochures have six panels.  Two panels are for the front and back cover.  Four panels are for content and photos – make sure you cut and paste from your website, for consistency.  If your content can be split evenly, select a z-fold (i.e. 2 panels of content on each side).  If your content is split 75:25, select a c-fold design (i.e. 3 panels of content on one side, one content panel between the front and back panels)

2.  View this great video for how to design in PowerPoint.

3.  To ensure consistency, keep the text in the same font as your website.  Consider subheads in bold.  Rewrite content to avoid words that are hyphenated or left as “orphans” on a line.  If you will print this brochure on your office printer, expect a narrow white border on all four sides. If you can afford to have this brochure professionally printed, ($200 for 100 brochures at Print3), you can “bleed” a colour to the edge of the paper.

4.  Review the guidelines in the promotional audit.  When circulating the draft to others for review, explain how to evaluate creative.

5. Save as a PDF and email to local copy shop for printing.  Save as a PPTX for future changes.

If you want to create other promotional items:

  • business cards, letterhead, envelope     $400
  • template for outreach presentations  $150
  • template for newsletter  $350
  • new logo  $500 refresh, $1500 new design
  • write tag line  $500
  • Brand Checklist  $1000 (or a Style Guide for $300)