Top 3 Marketing Priorities – SMALL nonprofits

For small non-profits which spend <$10,000/year on fundraising,

  1. Make a really good website.
  2. Use your website as a foundation.  Copy the content and design from the website and make all your other communication pieces (e.g. brochures, posters, powerpoint presentations). This will ensure that the messages and the look are consistent.
  3. Once a year, review all your communication pieces as an audit.

That’s all.  Do you need  help?
Recruit the marketer with the right expertise. Below is a menu of potential marketing projects for both generalists or specialists.  Follow the link for a sample job description and suggestions on where to find marketers.

Remember to free up your own schedule. The figures in the Expected Hours column approximate how long your professional volunteer will need for each project. Expect your own time commitment to be the same so you need to free up your schedule too. The hours are a minimum and could increase depending on the number of staff involved; a bigger team improves the quality of the outcome but can add hours.

                                     MENU OF PROJECTS

Potential projects                                             Job       Expected
                                                           Description     hours

- create website (write text, arrange pages, add photos)    Generalist     25 hrs
- as above for advocacy/education nonprofits                Generalist     50 hrs
- create graphic design for your brand                      Graphic Artist  5 hrs
- copy content and design into brochure/ad/donor letter     Generalist      3 hrs
- perform year-end promotion audit                          Generalist      3 hrs