What’s it like?

Typical project – small nonprofits

About 75% of small nonprofits need “rebrands” which create a clear and consistent face for all their promotional items.   Having a clear and concise message has a big impact on donor appeal.  A typical project for a small nonprofit takes about 35 hours of my time and 15 hours of the client time, over the course of 2 months.  As a comparison, for-profit consultants would charge $3,000-$10,000 and use technology not available to clients who would have to pay for updates.  A rebrand includes:

  • audit their promotional items
  • write content and create a live website on WordPress
  • use the website as a foundation to create a brochure on PowerPoint and any other promotional items they need
  • give tutorials on WordPress and PowerPoint so that clients can do their own edits in the future.

About 25% of small nonprofits need communication plans.  Small nonprofits typically approach with an attitude of “help us we have nothing”.

Typical project – large nonprofits

A project for a large nonprofit can take about 80-150 hours over of the course of many months.  Typical projects include reviewing gaps in touch point schedules, analyzing revenue efficiency and analyzing churn in the donor portfolio.  Large nonprofits typically are doing the basics right but they want “help to work smarter”.